Account Cancellation Flow

I led the redesign of Try The World's user account cancellation flow, giving the business a targeted way to incentivize customers to stay on the platform.  

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User Research, Competitor Research, UX Design, Visual Design 

Full-time team
Madhav, Frontend Developer
Mel, Backend Engineer
Vincent, Product Owner

Try The World is a monthly subscription box company that curates food from around the world. It's the perfect way to experience the world through food without boarding a plane—or paying for the ticket.

I worked as a front-end developer and designer on Try The World's website. During this project, I worked on customer and competitor research, project planning, and user flow + visual design. I partnered with engineers, copywriters, and customer experience teams on high-level brainstorming through execution.

Business Challenge

Every subscription business faces the problem where customers choose to unsubscribe at some point. How can we non-aggressively influence a customer's decision when they are about to unsubscribe?



At Try The World, much of the marketing budget is allocated to social media advertising which is the primary way to acquire new customers. It's important to note that the cost of retaining an existing subscriber is much lower than the cost of acquiring a new subscriber. We regularly have retention and churn meetings where we discuss ideas and strategies to keep subscribers on our platform. During these meetings, we brainstorm ideas that can influence the decision-making process as subscribers choose to leave us. 


My Role

Due to the tight timelines, we had a period of two weeks for research and design. The design/development team was fairly small. I decide to take on responsibility for designing a cancellation flow, which is essentially an HTML form that lives on the user account page accessible through both desktop and mobile versions of the website. 




next steps

The feature went live in April, and we A/B tested the old and new version of the cancelation flow in order to see which version was more successful. We tested how successful each of them was by tracking the total number of people who unsubscribed in each flow. Within the new flow, we also tracked the number of people who referred their friends, subscribed to snack box, and paused their account. 

Cancellations from old flow: 708
Cancellations from new flow: 635
People Interested in SnackBox: 46

Data collected from April 18th - April 27th, we could that nearly 73 more people unsubscribed in the old flow. The biggest success of the new flow was the number of people interested in SnackBox. We eventually switched to the new flow after April 2016.