Post From The Past

The History Channel challenged us to rethink our relationship with history.  “In what new ways can we visualize and imagine the past?”

Brainstorming, Research, UX Design, Extensive Prototyping

Content Strategist
Bryan Narrative Strategist
Jaskirat Producer

The History Channel challenged us to rethink our relationship with history. The prompt was to design new experiences that seamlessly infuse history -- facts, information, images, video and more -- into everyone’s daily lives; attempting to answer the question. 


Concept & Demo

Post from The Past is a trans-media narrative via mysterious subscriptions in which you receive packages from people in the past. Hear their voices & uncover their stories through an immersive physical and digital journey. 

Open the package and explore carefully curated artifacts from another time and place that tell the stories of spies, vikings, pirates and other historical humans - everyone from great leaders to everyday people from a different time.

Research Insights

Since winning the hackathon, this project went onto to win a spot at New Challenge, got accepted and participated in The Combine: a 3-month student startup incubator. Since the incubator, we have demo'd the project at Games for Change Festival and Parsons Festival 2016, and also have had the opportunity to pitch the business to multiple accelerators and VCs over the past year. We received additionally funding from NYC Media Lab to keep the project on-going. 

This is a live document, and an on-going initiative. This project is currently being supported by: